Car for the Cure

Don and Venita Bowles from C103 Radio and Dreamcatcher Communications recently presented a check for $10,000 to the Adams County Medical Foundation’s Executive Director, Sherry Stout, and Chair, Tami Graham. Brad McFarland represented Barry’s Chevrolet-Buick, Inc., which provided this year’s Car for the Cure. This year’s check resulted from past car sales and signature donations. Bowles stated, “We have an account with First State Bank, and we just put the money in there until it accumulates.”

The “Car for the Cure” is separate from the Adams County Medical Foundation. The monies received are given to those women needing mammograms who have incredibly high deductibles before they can obtain coverage. Bowles stated, “The Foundation does not take a penny.”

The previous pink “Cure” cars were sold through Trash and Treasure, sitting in front of C103. The typical amount received was $1,500.

This year they auctioned the vehicle at the Foundation Gala, where it was bought and sold four times, bringing in $3,600 to add to the $10,000.

Keep your eye out and when you see the pink “Car for the Cure”, pull over and add your signature. The recommended donation to sign is at least $1, but folks are encouraged to give more. Add your autograph, ink the pink, and help drive breast cancer out of existence. By Sherry Larson, People’s Defender

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